157 NOIA Magazine, Issue 3 ‘States’ / Center for Archival Interpretation
Writing, drawings, and related research contributed to this issue investigating the ‘fluidity and manipulable nature of states’ and their function as ‘conceptual and physical constructions of borders’
10 New
155 SFSIA 2024 / Art, Apparatus and Neural-Digital Entanglement in Cognitive Capitalism
A nomadic summer academy originating in Saas-Fee, Switzerland, with programs in critical theory and an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the relationship between art and politics; with Creative Time and Montez Press Radio
0 Upcoming
154 Center for Archival Interpretation / Journal of Alternative Archives
Dossier surveying exhibition display methods and formats, proposing speculative reconstructions, performances, and other methods of un-archival and reinterpretation applied to films, recordings, and other media in the public domain
0 Ongoing
153 INDEX #2 ‘FREE’
Print publication series based on continual remix from an open-source, controlled library of writing, art, and design. Issue #2 explores what we observe as enabling, inhibiting, using, and defining the idea of ‘free’ and related qualities of living today
37 New
135 Un-archiving LA / Center of Archival Interpretation + Journal of Alternative Archives
An installation and journal from a prototypical non-profit research organization dedicated to the increase and diffusion of knowledge about how archives are created, utilized, and perceived; as part of Un-Archiving LA with Felicity Scott and Mark Wasiuta
11 New
134 Citygroup / A Proposal for a Reverse Stoop
A pool, slide, cabinet of curiosities, and community archive for a gallery in Chinatown, NYC; a proposal for Citygroup's First Annual ‘pootS’ Competition, with Sherry Aine Te and Aaron Smolar
1 New
133 Paprika! Vol. 8, Issue 4 ‘Figments’ / Abstract Machines
A journal entry in graphic notation as a score to be (re)performed; drawing and text contributed to this issue of a monthly newspaper broadsheet published by the Yale School of Architecture and Yale School of Art
8 New
130 Un-archiving LA
Research, design, and forthcoming exhibition of techniques for new readings and interpretations of film and television archives in LA, in collaboration with UCLA, the Academy of Motion Pictures, the American Film Institute, and the Center for Visual Music; with Felicity Scott and Mark Wasiuta
0 Upcoming
127 Fun Palace II
Modular assemblies embracing temporality and decay to generate intuitive play; an architectural design process training artificial intelligence deep learning models to generate playgrounds and buildings using natural materials; with Tashania Akemah for Columbia GSAPP
5 Upcoming
126 The Earthen Calf
A proposal for an art installation giving form to ritual as process, for the creation and (re)use of earthen materials; visitors progress from space to space in a performance delineated by a continuous surface from floor to ceiling, open on all sides; designed to adapt to rooms of varying dimensions
1 Upcoming
124 Columbia GSAPP / The Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture
The Buell Center's mission is to advance the interdisciplinary study of American architecture, urbanism, and landscape; graduate research for projects including “Architecture and Land in the Americas and Beyond”; with Lucia Allais, Jacob Moore, and Jordan Steingard
2 Ongoing
123 Columbia GSAPP / Natural Materials Lab
Promoting equitable design using natural, low-carbon, and non-toxic building materials; crafting new ways to understand and imagine environmentally sustainable futures by fostering connections across the arts, humanities, and engineering; design and curatorial graduate research, with Lola Ben-Alon
1 New
122 198 Forsyth Street / Outside-In School
Architectural design of a K-8 school in the Lower East Side, NYC, supporting multiple pedagogies and making visible the interconnected flows of people, transportation, and cultural programming that support the community, neighborhood, and larger context; with Studio de Backer at Columbia GSAPP
24 New
120 Manifestos
Ongoing print and digital compendium of manifestos created from other manifestos, generated by the deep learning language model GPT-3, investigating bias, agency, and authenticity
212 Upcoming
118 Embedded Intelligence
An ongoing series of drawings and diagrams that seek to research, reveal, and repurpose algorithmic bias and other embedded intelligence within systems, tools, and processes of today
6 Ongoing
117 CultureHub Re-Fest 2022 / Re-Unification
Single-channel video featured in a custom-built 3D environment, alongside a conversation hosted by ITP’s Adjacent Journal, amongst 133 other artists in this global art & technology community exhibition founded by SeoulArts & La MaMa
123 New
116 Type Directors Club / Type Drives Culture 2022
Speaker, presenting ‘America™ by Design,’ a talk about design practice as acts of reclamation, and the extent of design, including that of history and place, for this international conference exploring typography and its impact in (trans)forming creative communities
214 New
115 NEW INC + National Endowment for the Arts / Hybridity
Research publication from NEW INC's Hybrid Practice track and the NEA, an ongoing dialog with hybrid practitioners straddling art and commerce, making work for equity and social impact, arts, and technology; with Penelope Phylactopoulos and Eric Moed (oopsa)
4 Upcoming
114 4120 Broadway / New Commons
Architectural design of an incremental network of community gardens, town squares, and similar new publics that grow below, above, and around increasingly gentrified and commercial interests, as a reclamation of Washington Heights by and for its residents; with Studio Dixit at Columbia GSAPP
1 Updating
113 Columbia GSAPP / Master of Architecture, 2025
MArch degree program, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation; research and design of the built environment at all scales, as interface, in the context of environmental and global action focused on climate, equity, data and design
3 Ongoing
112 NEW INC / Hybrid Practice
New projects and collaborations with the New Museum of Contemporary Art's incubator committed to projects for social impact, addressing issues of data privacy, climate, access, education, and labor
1 Ongoing
111 The Royal Society of Arts / FRSA
Projects and collaborations including Regenerative Futures and the Good Work Guild programme, amongst a global community committed to resolving the challenges of our time, based in London; design and research fellowship
2 Ongoing
110 Temporary Public
Proposal for a site-specific public art installation enveloping elements of nature, blurring inside with outside, permanent with temporary, public with private; in progress
27 Updating
109 INDEX #1 / FLAT
Print publication series based on continual remix from an open-source, controlled library of our own writing, art, and design; with Virgilio Santos and Marc Shillum. Issue #1 explores what we observe as the flattening, flatness, and related qualities of living today
19 New
108 Office Hours
Independent advising for students, new collaborations and happenings at the intersection of art, design and technology, for public benefit; design critiques, brand strategy, portfolio reviews, and related; pro bono
1 Ongoing
107 London Design Festival 2020–21
Installations, printed matter, digital media, and graphic design featured in this annual event promoting design in London; design community member
3 New
106 Stacks / Public Art
A globally-located brand building studio that brings together bespoke teams to build from the ground up; designer / creative director at large
1 Ongoing
103 SPACE10 / Soft Clocks
Giving physical form and tactile feedback to good routines and cycles towards the improvement of global mental health; private and public, individual and community; open-source, collaborative, and customizable; in contribution to The New Everyday Life residency
15 New
102 CultureHub Re-Fest 2020, New York and Los Angeles
Selected books from Universal Constructors exhibited as shared works between NYC and LA, as part of the theme Re-Generation, March 12–14
13 New
101 INDEX / Open-Source Print Publishing System
An experimental, open-source, print-on-demand publishing system that allows contributors to author, edit, and remix collaboratively in real-time; concept, strategy, design, and coding for new tooling, websites, and related channels
1 Ongoing
099 Rote Press
An artist-run independent publisher of printed matter, software, and recordings based on open-source modification of existing and new works
25 Ongoing
098 Related Works
Projects and collaborations for non-profit, health, education, arts; research and development, LLC est. 2013
13 Ongoing
088 Micro-Utopias
Mixed-media installation design and build; concept, strategy, 2D/3D design, coding, writing; with Form& New York in collaboration with IAMW17, Barcelona
56 New
086 Surface Vol. 1
Paintings made with acrylic on canvas, linen, wood, and other materials
3 Upcoming
084 Whitney Museum of American Art
Interaction design and special projects
1 New
083 Talking Marilyn / TM
Mixed media installation and performance using modular synthesis, print ephemera, fluorescent tube lighting, electrical relays, and physical computing, with Manuel Dilone
4 Ongoing
082 Sons of Sound Sense and Satisfaction
Audio/visual recordings and performance using modular synthesis, software and live electronics
10 Ongoing
081 Neues Bauen
Live audio improvisation using modular synthesis and other electronics,
 with Manuel Dilone
9 Ongoing
072 Rubaiyats Of The Cicadas
Live audio and visual performance, 
with Jeremy Slater and Aaron Halley
1 2016 09
071 BD
An(other) art collective based in a warehouse basement in Bushwick, Brooklyn 2016–2017
1 2016 02
070 Imprint/Graph
Max/MSP/Jitter video installation for Brooklyn Designs
71 2016
067 Light Assembly No. 1
Kinetic sculpture assembled from two projectors, a prism, and actuators to create continuously changing compositions of light and sound using physical blending, layering and warping of primitive shapes
2 2015 06
066 967 × 13 Posters
A series of 13 printed posters representing each movement in a 967 second live audio performance, each poster visualizing the sound's changes within the space and time of the recording session
16 2015 01
060 Collective Assembly LLC
An independent design studio based in New York City, with Virgilio Santos and Manuel Dilone, 2010–2014
40 2014
057 BMW Guggenheim Lab / Participatory City
Large video installation for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, with Yotam Mann, as Collective Assembly
24 2014 01
054 AIGA/NY: Inspire/Make
A free educational workshop for teens on design, prototyping, and app development, with the Harlem School of the Arts and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as Collective Assembly
3 2013 02
048 Bushwick Open Studios / Woods
Audio and video loops of a newsprint catalogue created from sounds and stills captured from its printing process
8 2012 06
047 Arts in Bushwick / Bushwick Open Studios Event Program Design
Bushwick Open Studios is a self-organized, all-volunteer art festival which takes place every June in Bushwick, Brooklyn; event program print design, with Collective Assembly
4 2012 05
046 Kutsal Sümük
Live audio free improvisation using modular synthesis and other electronics, with Mehmet Irdel, Izumi Okada, and Brett Shagen
0 2012 04
035 Regeneration.011 / Rejenerasyon.011
A Selection of The Web Biennial Revealing The Poetics and Politics of Net Art
226 2011 03
023 Quoth ####.#.############
A generative audio/visual work composed of links and pure tones, included in The Web Biennial 10 at the Istanbul Contemporary Arts Museum
2 2010 01
020 East Village Radio / RxRF
Experimental radio show, 4 deck audio mixing, video by Izumi Okada, and medical advice by Bear MD, all live from a storefront in New York City, 2007—2010
3 2010 02
002 Emotion Representation in Virtual Objects / VR
Artificial intelligence research; algorithm and user interface design of a learning module adding human emotion to intelligent agents in virtual reality
0 Updating