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Interaction design and special projects
1 Ongoing

Interaction design and special projects.

With the in-house Graphic Design Department of the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, in collaboration with colleagues throughout the institution, and when noted, with the support of external partners.


Digital Media
Graphic Design

The image above is based on the Whitney design system, as applied to ticketing, amongst other moments, by the group.

Originally termed "The Responsive W," expressly noted by Experimental Jetset to be unrelated to "responsive design" as defined by those in interactive and digital design, it is interesting to return to, adapt, and further interpret the original intent— to be "responsive to a given space" as it applies to interaction with art, the Whitney, and its community— inside/outside, public/private, permanent/temporal, pre/during/post exhibition/event/visit, and related.

More details to come.

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